“Even as an intuitive writer, words fail me to express my gratitude, appreciation, and pure heart centered joy I have working with Carly. We have been working together for a year now, and I KNOW that the reason I am finally moving forward in my life is because of her helping me on my journey. I have worked with many energy healers, psychics, reiki teachers…and none have shown me the guidance and emotional support she has. Her approach is so pure of heart, which I strongly believe we need more of. I tell her all the time that its so evident she is doing her life’s mission, and I feel lucky to be the recipient of that. She is a true light worker.”

 -Karina Paz, Los Angeles, California

"I was guided to Carly by her YouTube channel and I immediately felt a connection with her. A few weeks later I have had a tarot reading and 4 distance energy sessions with her. Wow is all I have to say. She is an incredible healer and I have never felt better and more grounded. She really cares about her clients and can really help you stay calm, guided and on the right path."

~Jeanna, West Hollywood, California

"I didn’t know what to expect with my first energy healing session, with Carly, as I had never worked with someone through distance healing. I was blown away! She was able to clear so much negative energy, I had been holding on to, and each time we have a session, I am always feeling refreshed and new. As an intuitive energy and tarot reader, it is of the upmost importance to take care of my energy and balance. Carly has been a tremendous part of my spiritual journey.

Carly’s gift as a healer, coupled with her beautiful soul, and shining spirit is what sets her apart from everyone else! The work she has done with me has been so positive, and uplifting. I am blessed to have her in my life."

~Betsy, Overland Park, Kansas

"I have had many in person and distant energy sessions with Carly over the last year. The distance I was initially skeptical of but it so nice to have a session while I am at home. Her energy therapy absolutely works. Carly is fantastic and a gifted healer and she has helped me so much. I look forward to continuing my sessions with her and receiving more of her guidance."

Cindy, Sonora, California

"Carly worked on my foot that I sprained badly in the dance class that I teach. As a professional dancer I know how to deal with injuries well, and know how long it takes to heal. It was my first time doing any type of energy work like this. It was so bizarre but the day after my one energy session with Carly I was able to walk normal again! I was expecting a week of more hobbling around but her work shortened my recovery time! She is such a kind and giving spirit and it truly shows in the work that she does."

Michel Ashley, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico